The 45th National Convention of JCI Nepal  is an annual conference which is being hosted by JCI Janakpur. The convention will run from 22nd to 25th December, 2018 at Tirhutiya Gacchi in Janakpurdham. The theme of this years’ National President is “Yes! We Shine; by Rising Responsibility.”

Every December, members from across the country comes together at the National Convention. At this National Forum, national officials will be elected for the upcoming year. Jaycees members also explore ideas for enterprises and recognize the achievements of outstanding active citizens. More than 140 LOM members have the opportunity to meet fellow citizens from highly diverse backgrounds. Around 3000 Jaycees members will share experiences and find new ways to create positive change on both local and national levels. At this event, JCI Nepals’ critical mass of young people will unite to magnify the positive impact of the JCI movement.